Baskin Holds Info Meeting In Wake of Report on Death of India Cummings

Erie County Majority Leader April Baskin

Erie County Majority Leader April N. M. Baskin will hold a special informational meeting of the Legislature’s Public Safety Commission today (Wednesday July 25) at 10 a.m. to discuss the recently released report by the State Commission of Correction’s Medical Review board on the death of India Cummings which concluded her death in the Holding Center should be designated a homicide. Legislator Baskin, in a letter to members of the Legislature, said she was “grievously concerned” by the report’s findings, and noted that the Commission recommended that the County begin a “comprehensive review and service plan” To discuss the report which she called “unacceptable.

” The Sheriff’s office, Department of Mental Health, and the Commission of Correction was invited to attend the meeting and answer questions. However, according to Legislator Baskin, the Sheriff’s office responded that Howard’s team was willing to meet with her privately, but would not discuss the state report at the public meeting. In a related development the pathologist who performed the autopsy on miss Cummings, said he would not rule her death a homicide despite the state agency’s findings. T

he Monroe county pathologist, Dr. Scott F. LaPoint, he would not make any changes unless the medic Review Board shows him ‘substantial information,” that was otherwise unbeknownst to him. Protestors demonstrated in front of the Erie County Holding Center on Delaware last Thursday after the state agency released its findings.