Rev. Gillison Quoted in New York Times Article About Newly Empowered Black Voters

A June 14th New York Times article titled “Newly Empowered, Black Voters Ask More of Candidates,” quoted the Rev. Dr. William Gillson, (pictured right) the pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Buffalo, who said some candidates lack consistent engagement with the Black electorate. The article was focused on the 2018 gubernatorial race in New York State. A recently released Siena College poll showed the among African Americans likely to vote in November, the incumbent Governor Andrew M. Cuomo leads his opponent Cynthia Nixon, 74 percent to 17 percent. However both candidates, the Times reports, have been accused of “pandering” to the Black community

“When you’re dealing with any community, and you have no relationship with the community, then you’re subject to say things that are offensive to that community,” said Rev. Gillison (pictured right). “A lot of Black voters recognize their worth right now,” said Cristina Greer, a Fordham-university professor who is African American and studies the role of race in politics. “We will not just be given whatever an elected official thinks is best for us.”