At The Point with Greg Gamble : Lindsey Taylor – What’s The Cause?

Evolution is the process of constant branching and expansion. Known as the man behind the now national basketball tournament Ballin’ For A Cause, what consistently flies under the radar is Taylor’s unrelenting ability to bounce back, evolve, and to build a continually growing legacy for himself, and for those whom he impacts on a daily basis.

Taylor at  11th Annual Ballin For A Cause Tournament. Photo Bertram Smith

Lindsey Taylor’s evolution is essential to his success as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary. Taylor got his start as a local party promoter while attending Buffalo State College. As the owner of Crown Entertainment, Taylor along with numerous intricate team members hosted events in Buffalo, New York City, Rochester and Syracuse. Feeding off of the impact that was made, the idea that more could be done using the influence they had fostered birthed Ballin’ For A Cause during a meeting of the minds at Applebee’s on Delaware Avenue. It was during this meeting that the idea was established that the cause would be giving proceeds from the tournament to the Sarah Minnie Badger Foster Care Agency.

Behind the tenacity and innovativeness of Taylor, BFAC has seen tremendous success. Starting out as a one day, single elimination tournament with a cash prize in the Houston Gym at Buffalo State, to now a slate of events over a three-day period that includes a national men’s basketball tournament, a women’s tournament, a youth tournament, world games and a celebrity all-star game. And that’s just on the court, off the court happening simultaneously are scholarship banquets, health and fitness clinics, races, comedy shows, parties, and more.

Taylor’s ability to evolve didn’t happen overnight and it certainly didn’t happen on his own accord. Taylor references how having mentors in his life helped him to have clarity and create specificity with his mission. Taylor’s clarity also led to his enlightenment that sports is a universal language. BFAC’s mission statement speaks to Taylor’s clarity and enlightenment. The mission being to utilize sports as a tool to engage youth in positive programs year round. This conciseness guided BFAC’s “Big 4 Initiative” – Education, Youth Sports, Community and Health. Under the umbrella of the Big 4, Taylor has created initiatives such as the Jireh D. Williams We Achieve Scholarship, the Global Ambassadors program, Sports Academy Youth Sports and Leadership Program, and Kicks4Kids.

When asked, “what’s driving you?” Taylor’s response was, “Our community doesn’t have many things that last for generations. My daughter now has something that she can identify with. She can look at what her father has been able to do and be inspired to create herself.” And inspiring is exactly what Lindsey Taylor has been able to do.

This past weekend, BFAC hosted its 11th straight tournament. Taylor’s event attracted participants from literally all over the world. His desire is to continue to inspire the generations behind him to be creative and to make the city of Buffalo proud of his efforts and legacy. We say Lindsey Taylor, that we are already proud of you. Follow BFAC on social media and see highlights from this years tournament  or visit   

At The Point Columnist Greg Gamble