We Are The Leaders Who We Have Been Waiting For!

Mother’s Day can be a painful holiday to the countless mourning moms who have lost children to homicide or ungodly fratricide. I would say to all Moms impacted by the trauma of senseless gun violence, especially those whom I have personally interacted with over the years while serving with P.E.A.C.E. Organization founder Teresa Evans—that there will be no more suffering in silence!

Last Sunday I made a sojourn to my own mom’s gravesite. I poured libation, then walked a few yards over to her murdered son, Bernard’s grave. With him, by tradition I poured and drank libation. Too many of our misguided desensitized villagers are simply waiting on God to “fix it.” But as the saying goes “God helps those who help themselves.” And so I will ask for spiritual guidance, wisdom, strength in purpose, body and heart, to be worthy of laying a strong foundation.

To build a movement that recalibrate’s Black minds that have been programmed into the myth of Black inferiority and self-hatred. Truth be told, White supremacists began the mental brainwashing hundreds of years before the present generation was born! Consider information from a recent study of our Buffalo Public School students: 10% of high school students say that they have missed school because they feel unsafe going to or from school. Many are carrying weapons outside of school. Many have contemplated suicide.

More than a third said they have seen someone in the neighborhood shot, stabbed or beaten. There is so much more to tell as I have yet to elaborate on schools-to-prison pipeline. This space is limited, so I’m asking that on May 21 from 5-7p.m. at East High Community School, 820 Northampton St.—you come out to support Donnell Bibbes’ Special Needs Trust Fund and our “Take a Stand Against Gun Violence and Support for Students Suffering from Trauma and Anxiety Movement.

” For those who can’t come out on that date, I can be contacted at  bromaninc@gmail.com. We need and welcome dedicated soldiers who totally understand that WE (the people) ARE THE LEADERS THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Contributing Writer Charles Burgin

Don’t be mind jacked by status quo mis-leaders who don’t make the people’s interest a priority!