Democratic Party Endorses Judge McLeod in His Bid for Re-election to City Court A few months ago the question on the minds of many supporters of City Court Judge James A.W. McLeod, was whether or not the Democratic Party was going to endorse him in his bid for re-election to City Court.

That question was answered in the affirmative when he received the party’s support Monday evening. The good news comes on the heels of an unprecedented, politically motivated yet smear campaign attempt to cast a negative light on Mr. McLeod’s character. Judge McLeod now has the endorsement of the three parties – Democratic, Republican and xxxxx as well as the Unity Party endorsement.

“Clearly with the Democratic Party endorsement it will help ensure that I win the Primary and as a result retain my seat,” he told The Challenger. Thanking the community he said, “It was the pressure and push back from the community that made it happen…without it who knows what they would have done? We were unified and pushed forward, and it shows what we can accomplish if we are united.” Judge McLeod has served with distinction and honor in Buffalo City Court for 19 years.

“I’m seeking re-election as the most qualified candidate,” he said.