Bills Update with George Radney

Taking An Honest Look at the Bills as 2018 Rookie Mini Camp Opens

We finally get to see the rookies of the Buffalo Bills 2018 NFL Draft class. The Bills have signed most of their draft picks which is a common practice by most NFL teams, but the uncommon practice by the Bills is not to sign their players to year 3 of a 4 year deals.

They instead allow their players to leave and sign with other teams for the NFL going rate. It’s a shame the Bills continue to draft good football players but refuse to keep them due to the philosophy of “The Bean Counter” Jim Overdorf, who continues to control the purse strings.

Tremaine Edmunds is the real deal and can possibly become the next Ray Lewis. He has all the tools but once he becomes good at the middle linebacker position will the Bills keep him or like most previous draft picks, allow him to go to another team?

Why did the Bills move up to draft QB Josh Allen who and most likely could have been selected at the 12th position? He has all the tools of a 1970’s style QB – a big, tall strong arm White boy, not too bright for reading defenses and one dimensional. Wait a minute!! Am I talking about Jim Kelly? No I’m talking about Josh Allen, a kid out of a small town in Northern California who played college ball at Wyoming and also put out racial slurs on twitter. Josh played four games against big time college football opponents going 0-4 with 1 touchdown pass and 8 interceptions.

I wish I was making this stuff up, but sadly I’m not and judging by Josh’s statistics and raw ability he should be an undrafted free agent. Yes the Bills have botched the 2018 NFL Draft and by not having 2nd round draft picks they now must rely on at least 20 undrafted free agents to make the roster due to Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott’s mishandling of the team roster in 2017.

So maybe its fitting that the Bills drafted a QB that really is an undrafted free agent, because a large portion of the 2018 roster will be made up of them. I would not be surprised to see Bills RB LeSean Mc- Coy traded by June 1st or by the beginning of preseason to get a veteran offensive lineman or wide receiver. These are two positions that Beane & McDermott did not address during the draft. They actually drafted former NFL player Ricky Proehler’s son, who’s on the Carolina coaching staff and former next door neighbor.

That’s nepotism at its best and a wasted draft pick! I like the two Alabama players, wide receiver Robert Foster and defensive back Levi Wallace who are getting a strong look at making the final roster. They were well coached at Alabama and with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll (former OC with Alabama), these guys have a leg up on other undrafted free agents.

I will follow up with the best of the rest of the draft picks and undrafted free agent in the coming weeks.

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