At The Point With Greg Gamble: Noah Hutchins

How Would My Dad Do It?

17 Year Old Noah Hutchins Host 1st Annual LTE All-Star Event

In 2018, as a part of the elite basketball community, 11 athletic scholarship offers on the table and counting, and a New York State Class A Federation Championship under his belt, what is the motivating factor that would push 17 year old Noah Hutchins of The Park School of Buffalo to host an All-Star event that celebrates high school student-athletes in Western New York? Noah’s answer: simply considering how his father Marcus Hutchins would do it. On April 12th, Noah used his platform to celebrate the top girls players grades 9 – 12, 9th and 10th grade boys, and 11th and 12th grades boys of Western New York in a basketball showcase event titled the LTE Showdown. LTE stands for Licensed To Eat, being a phrase commonly used in the basketball community as a competitive term that encourages optimal performance.

Much like his father, Noah wanted to exemplify his gratitude for those in his life by displaying an unprecedented amount of sweat equity into his event. Noah created and printed uniforms for each player, coach and judge in the event, created the teams, gathered coaches for the teams, created a judges panel, and organized the concessions volunteers. Even the order of events was a consideration of who would get the glory out of this event. “Well, we all know that everyone loves to see the boys play. So I figured that if I had the 9th and 10th grade boys play first, everyone would be there on time and would also wanted to see the 11th and 12th grade boys play. So I put the girls in the middle so that they could feel celebrated as well. I just wanted to be fair and make sure that everyone’s talents were being recognized,” said Hutchins and his plan worked to perfection, as the event was packed with over 500 spectators.

Noah during his recent Allstar Event at The Park School in Buffalo (photos odds2beat)


In asking Noah’s father about how this came about, his sentiments were that Noah is, and has always been, business minded. Which, in 2018, for student-athletes, is an important aspect to college recruitment. The game of basketball is just as much marketing and showmanship today as it is about skill, talent and teamwork. For Noah, he’s embraced this idea masterfully. Creating the LTE brand and the slogan “Stay CLUTCH,” which means Stay Courageous Loving Unashamed Thankful Committed and Humble, he’s gained quite the following and support system and it shows.


In 2017, during the basketball season, the Hutchins family endured crisis as a computer charger eruption lead to an electrical fire in the Hutchins household. Fortunately, no one was home, but they almost lost everything. Noah gained great insight from this as he states why he’s so motivated and what his motivation for being a great student-athlete is. “All I know is that nothing is guaranteed. You never know what’s going to happen next and there is absolutely no time to waste. I am grateful and I don’t take anything for granted. I want to provide for my family and accomplish all of my goals.” He exemplified this attitude of gratitude immediately following his event. Without prompt, Noah decided to donate half of the proceeds to the family of a recent homicide victim, Amir Jemes, for his funeral cost and the other half of the proceeds to his church organization for the homeless called Annette’s Helping Hands.

Noah Hutchins continues to grow as a young adult and has become a great role model for our youth in the city of Buffalo as he excels both academically and athletically. In his words, lets help Noah Stay CLUTCH!

At The Point Columnist Greg Gamble