WUFO Launches Black Radio History

WUFO Mix 1080 AM/Power 96.5 to Share the Vision 143 Broadway

The “45 Party” theme reflects the popularity of 45 records at the beginning of the WUFO story. “45” PARTY – a community introduction inviting the public to experience a glimpse of the WUFO 1080 AM’s musical legacy that began in 1961, will be held this evening (April 4) from 6-9 p.m. at 143 Broadway.

“We are thrilled to introduce the vision of a new exhibit dedicated to preserving the history and impact of Black Radio in Buffalo NY and America. We begin the Radio History Museum with a historic overview of WUFO 1080 AM’s 56-year history in Buffalo, N.Y,” states Sheila L. Brown, owner of WUFO Mix 1080 AM/Power 96.5 and founder of the WUFO Black Radio Collective.

For years the tagline “The World is Listening” was a perfect description as some of the world’s most famous DJs cultivated their talents at WUFO 1080 AM and later shared with the world. There’s much to tell.

Buffalo native Frankie Crocker, is one such story. Crocker is  a radio legend  considered one of the pioneers in broadcasting. He got his start at WUFO in the late sixties before moving to New York City where the veteran radio broadcaster and program director helped catapult WBLS-FM to the No. 1 spot in NYC twice. He coined the phrase ”urban contemporary” in the 1970’s, a label for the eclectic mix of songs that he played. He was also employed by stations in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Chicago.

Admission  to the “45 Party” is  $45 and  includes a preview of the vision for the museum, Hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and music. A one year individual membership is included in the cost.

 – About the WUFO Black Radio History Collective-

Envisioned in 2014 and established in 2018, the WUFO Black History Collective is the first Black History Radio Museum in the country dedicated to the stories of community and sounds of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Gospel music that emerged as a connection to the Black Community during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The mix of community voices that hosted talk shows and the melodies of soothing music were a vital part of the Black Experience in America.  The 2000 square – foot collective will be the home of a collection of displays that will offer visitors a unique educational experience that is focused upon telling the story of WUFO 1080 AM’s 56- year history and its national impact.  To view, hear, and read a little of the history please visit https://www.facebook.com/ WUFOBlackRadioHistory/