Support Trust Fund For 10yr Old Gun Violence Victim Donnell “Donny” Bibbes!

Students and village stakeholders are urged to take certain action in support of now 10 year-old Donnell as well as other BPS students who are traumatized by senseless gun violence and ungodly fratricide!

On the night of Aug. 25, 2016 then 8-yearold Donnell “Donny” Bibbes was shot in the head after a gunman fired about 15 bullets at the car he was in with his family, striking Donnell in the head leaving him legally blind. Donnell also lost his 16 year-old brother Lewis Brewer (Riverside High) to homicide/ fratricide that same year . His sister Dazhanique, also a Riverside student, had to drop out due to traumatic stress.

It’s time for our people to Wake-up! Mind-up! Measure-up! Having endured several serious operations to his head, Donnell, who is on SSI, has visible scars from surgery, but he is one blessed child with a very happy smile and an unbelievable disposition considering the circumstances. This child of the village must not simply become a statistic because too many of us have become desensitized to gun violence and systemic programmed fratricide (Black on Black killings). I met with attorney Hugh Russ and it was agreed that his firm would do pro bono work as to establishing a “Special Needs” Trust Fund for Donnie.

That completed, the District Parent Coordinating Council Mentor Trauma & Violence Committee of BPS now seeks to galvanize public donations to Donnie’s Trust Fund. By law this “Special Needs” trust fund is not a charity and monies donated are not tax deductible. Donations can be mailed to DPCC Mentor Trauma & Violence Committee, P.O. Box 233, Buffalo, N.Y. 14201. Checks, money orders etc. should be made out to “Donnell Bibbes Trust Fund.”

This public drive for donations to Donnie’s trust fund will end May 31, 2018. This gives us plenty of time to connect with various clergy, business, government, education, civic organizations and individuals. Concurrently, it is crucial that more be done on behalf of our BPS students and families impacted by the trauma of gun violence and the many vulnerable youth lacking any critical thinking skills, morals, knowledge of cultural identity, who are programmed into self-hating fratricide.

Charles Burgin

Thus we have reserved East High School auditorium from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Monday May 21 for a “Take A Stand Against Gun Violence, Schools To Prison Pipeline, and Strategizing To Reduce Fratricide In The Nickel City Initiative.” Various frontline organizations and community stakeholders will participate. My locally produced documentary “It Is Easier To Build Strong Children Than to Repair Broken Men: Mind-up Mentor-up Measure-up Help End Nickel City Fratricide” will be shown.

Student voices will also be heard as to solutions and building a movement for real change! ( Brother Charles Burgin is Chair of the District Parent Coordinating Council Mentor Trauma & Violence Committee for Buffalo Public Schools.)