GiGi’s Soul Food Set to Reopen

The Iconic GiGi’s Soul Food Restaurant Set to Reopen, But It Won’t be on E. Ferry and Jefferson.

There was much fanfare on Tuesday when Mayor Brown announced that the iconic soul food restaurant, GiGi’s would be reopening. But to the surprise of many in the community, it won’t be on East Ferry and Jefferson. It will be about a mile from its former site.

Their new location? The Workforce Training Center at the Northland Corridor where the new GiGi’s will occupy about 3,900 square feet inside the 683 Northland Avenue site. The restaurant will be open to staff and students of the Northland Workforce Training Center. Starting in August it will be open to the community as well with “traditional” dish favorites and an expanded menu to include “healthier options.” GiGi’s Darryl Harvin was selected by the Buffalo Urban Development Corp. (BUDC) to operate a full-service kitchen and café at the facility.

It will be able to serve up to 450 students, employees and staff as well as diners from surrounding neighborhoods. The restaurant will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. According to reports, final details are being made with Mr. Harvin. Construction is still underway. Mayor Brown is chairman of the BUDC and Council President Darius Pridgen is a board member. GiGi’s was forced to close its Ferry street location after decades of operation under the guidance of its beloved owner Blondine “Gigi” Harvin following a grease fire in 2015. According to our sources that building has been sold.