The YEM Project Focuses On Preparing Young People To Be Future Entrepreneurs . Do You Know A Young Person Who Is Interested In Starting A Business?

Young people with ideas for business received a lot of inspiration during the kickoff of YEM – the Youth Entrepreneurship Marketplace – at the CAO Rafi Green Center last Saturday afternoon.

MarQues D., Keynote Speaker

The program is enthusiastically sponsored and supported by Ansar Fragrances & More, the CAOWNY, Masjid Nu’Man, the MLK Business District Association, J&W Planning Groups LLC and various businesses in the area. A free six week project, YEM is designed to teach business development to youth from ages 5 to 21.

The first business workshop is on Tuesday, May 1 from 5-6 p.m. at 1423 Fillmore. Five more workshops will follow on Tuesday, May 8, Wednesday May 16, Thursday May 24, Thursday May 31 and Thursday June 7. Each workshop will have a mentor. The main idea, said Duane Madyun of Ansar Fragrances, is for the youth to “get a good, solid orientation.” The future business leaders will make their entrepreneurship debut when they open for business at the Juneteenth Festival Saturday June 16 in MLK Park .

After the Juneteenth weekend, the Youth Entrepreneurship Marketplace will be open to the public on select Saturdays throughout June, July and August at an outdoor venue on the corner of Fillmore and French Street. Helping young people to pursue their dreams and transform their ideas into reality and financial benefit can only have a positive impact not only on the youth, but the community as a whole. -Words of Encouragement- MarQues D., already a young entrepreneur at the age of 9, was a keynote speaker. MarQues told The Challenger that he stared out selling candy because he didn’t have enough money to buy the things he liked, such as toys and electronics.

The owner of The MarQues Store, he sells collectables, inspiration items, special occasion items and more. MarQues’ mom, who also made brief comments, directed her message primarily to the parents and adults in attendance. She encouraged them to support their children and “don’t deny them because of your own fears.” She urged them to “push your child” to do what he or she desires, and “continue to pray and ask for guidance.” Encouragement and belief in what they can do, she said, is very important. CAO Assistant Director Patricia Elliott had some very inspirational words for the children. Praising their “pure, open and energetic” minds, she shared her personal experience as a 12 year old with her own hair braiding business. “Don’t let anything stop you from achieving whatever goal you set for yourself,” she urged them. “Be happy, excited and full of joy and know that what you are doing is about to change the world!”

Additional speakers and presenters included Michael Hill, Center for Economics & Education; Kenyana David, CEO Coutureediting-Assimilation; Marshawn Quinniey, CEO MLQ Development and Sincere Lincoln, CEO, Sincere Enterprise Solutions. If you have a child, or know of a youth who is interested in starting a business, or who already has a business and wants to develop it further, contact Pamela James at YEM, 332-3773 or pamelajames654@ gmail.com

YEM. “Supporting The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs!”