Who Will Lead?

It has come to my attention that in the most sensitive way possible, our very own Betty Jean Grant, posted on social media, what was an attempt to “SUGGEST” that some of our hometown football players lead the Juneteenth Parade.

Now to some who may have misread into what that post really meant, I will need you look at the bigger picture. We have the #1 Largest Festival in the Nation, and yet, we have not announced who will lead our Parade, what new and exciting activities will happen, and I truly commend Mother Grant, for saying something, and creating a “BUZZ.” And a positive, progressive one at that!

Over the years I have been just one of many who sang the praises of our 43 year old festival, and like many, we see the need to try and merge the concept of history and a new era that may not know the history the same as the elders, yet, know technology well enough to help preserve and highlight what’s left of it. When we look at other festivals, (such as the taste of where we live, yet, may not be welcome to go, vend, walk freely and afford), they have begun promoting how exciting and valuable it is to Represent BUFFALO FOOD.

Yet, here is our Juneteenth Festival and we are still hoping and wishing for something NEW, EXCITING,POSITIVE & BIG to Happen!

Take A Solar Moment and think what you can do to make this festival more attractive to those that will benefit the most from preserving the future of it….The African American Community.

Solar Ingram, The Communities Daughter

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