Update: The Treyvan Tragedy

Mayor Lovely Warren has announced six employees in the city’s 9-1-1 Center have been placed on leave, following missing teen Treyvan Rowe‘s recent death.
Rowe’s body was found in the Genesee River Sunday, after the autistic 14-year-old 7th grader failed to show up at School. No. 12 on March 9 when he got off the bus last Thursday.
“One thing I am more certain of today is that, had it not been for adult failures, Trevyan Rowe may still be with us,” Mayor Warren said.
According to the mayor, 9-1-1 dispatchers failed to appropriately dispatch fire rescue and the city’s scuba team, which is the city’s proper protocol, once reports had come in that Rowe had been seen near the river.
“Last night I promised Trevyan’s family, and this community, that I would do all in my power to get them answers into what transpired on that fateful morning when Trevyan drowned in the Genesee River,” Mayor Warren said. “That promise, and that investigation, began within city government, and we are extremely disappointed that established protocols were not followed at our 9-1-1 Center. This failure is unacceptable, and we have already begun the process to correct these shortcomings to ensure a similar breach of protocol never occurs again, as well as to initiate disciplinary action against those at fault.”
Acting 9-1-1 director Stephen Cusenz also said additional disciplinary action may follow.
According to the mayor, the Rochester City School District, which is conducting its own internal investigation into Rowe’s disappearance and death, declined to participate in a joint press conference with the city on Tuesda. The mayor also said Rowe’s family has currently retained an attorney.
-More Fallout-
One full-time teacher and two regular substitute teachers marked Rowe present at different times during the day on Thursday when in reality, surveillance video shows him getting off the school bus around 7 a.m. in front of School #12 and walking away from the building.
It was eight hours before his mother knew that he never made it into school. She never got a phone call from the district. It was only after her other children got off the bus in the afternoon without their brother that she called to inquire about his whereabouts. After an exhaustive weekend-long search, Rowe’s body was recovered from the Genesee River on Sunday evening.
“We simply were not as careful as we should have been and there were dire consequences for that,” Barbara Deane-Williams, the RCSD Superintendent said at a press conference Tuesday evening.
The First Church of God held a service to remember Trevyan Rowe and to support his family.
The community prayed, and talked about how the teen moved them to act and united Rochester. Rowe was just 14-years-old. His aunt and uncle said that he brightened their lives.
The New York State Attorney General and State Education Commissioner announced late Monday afternoon that they are now joining the investigation into the teen’s death

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