Don’t Miss The Radical Women’s Night Out March 15!


The first of two Radical Women’s Night Out events in celebration of the current landmark exhibition on display at the Albright Knox, “We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women 1965-85” will take place on Thursday March 15 from 6-8p.m. at Albright Knox Gallery, 1285 Elmwood.
Come and Explore the timely themes of this exhibition more deeply through a spirited conversation about the powerful role art can play in creating change with artist Julia Bottoms, writer and disability activist Keah Brown and artist/educator Chanel Thervil. The Conversation will be moderated by Albright-Knox Chief Curator Dr. Cathleen Chaffee. Event and museum admission are free.
Pre-registration is required; RSVP online at / call 716 270-8292 or stop in and visit the Albright-Knox admission desk. See You There!

The Radical Woman’s Night Out Committee is encouraging people to come out to the Radical Women’s Night Out and to see the landmark exhibition as well. Pictured: Michele Agosto, Divitta Alexander, Tamara Alsace, LaVonne Ansari, Felicia Beard, Michelle Brown, Donna Brown, Sheila Brown, Valeria Cray, Karen Stanley Fleming, Karla Gadley, Alice Jacobs, Glendora Johnson-Cooper, Eunice Lewin, Brandye Merriweather, Daun Nicholas, Jennifer Parker, Rhonda Ricks, Trini Ross, Sundra Ryce, Rose Sconiers, Sonja Sirén, Toni Vazquez, Sandy White. Photo by MK Photo

Conversationalists: Pictured left are the featured Conversationalists for the Radical women’s Night Out event (from left) Artist Julia Bottoms, (photo Tom Loonan); writer/activists Keah Brown; and artist/educator Chanel Thervil (photo Reid Beels).

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