Reflections on the Eagles Upset Against the Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl

George Radney /The Radney Report

The last two Super Bowls have made up for the dull ones of the past ten years. The Eagles win in dramatic fashion was one for the ages. Buffalo native Corey Graham made some key tackles throughout the game. The Eagles played the type of game you must against defending Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots by not letting up and responding to a Patriot score with one of your own.

That’s exactly what happened. I was surprised at how well both offenses moved the ball up and down the field all day with Tom Brady showing why he is the best quarterback of all time with a 505 yard passing performance on completing 28 out of 48 attempts – simply an amazing output. Eagles QB Nick Foles was also up to the task by completing 28 out of 43 attempts for 373 yards. I thought this would be a defensive game, not an all-out shoot out as it turned out to be. “You have to believe in yourself that you can make a big play when you have an opportunity,” said Eagles running back. “I prayed so hard for this moment and for it to come to fruition is just beautiful.

We studied film for so long and hard on the Patriots tendencies with a problem covering back out of the back field. We took most of it from the Jacksonville Jaguars game on how to attack them effectively. Eagles nose tackle Fletcher Cox said; “We had to settle down on defense and force Brady to get rid of the ball early. We made adjustments at halftime, but really continued our overall game plan of getting in Tom Brady’s face to force him to get rid of the ball. It all came together with Brandon (Graham) knocking the ball out of Brady’s hand causing a key turnover in the game.”

Yes, each team had one turnover in a very well-played game and as usual the Patriots were only whistled for one penalty of 5 yards. There were some questionable defensive plays that I thought should have been penalized against the Patriots. They are the darlings of the league, so it was good to see the Eagles keep constant pressure on them. Buffalo native Corey Graham had a tough second half going one on one with another Buffalonian Rob Gronkowski.

That was probably the first time two Buffalo natives went up against each other in a Super Bowl. I thought the Eagles should have doubled teamed Gronk a little more in the second half instead of leaving Corey isolated on him. The Eagles withstood a Patriots rally and deserved to win the game. Bills former players also included Nigel Bradham and Ronald Darby, who both contributed to the win.

It goes to show you, the Bills have drafted very well but continue to get rid of the talent!

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