A Reflection of Dreams, For Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

by Annette Daniels Taylor

We are from tears falling from the universe.

Rainfall, flooding earth with jewel-eye,

Human beings.

We are from poison,

Toxic casseroles stewed from,

Deviled fairy breath

and monster blood.


We are from dreams of angelic ghosts.

Dancing while evening dawns,

over faces of family members,

buried, taken, lost, consumed.


We are from yesterday’s despair

We are from tomorrow’s dream

We are from here, a nomadic flavor train.

We have no today, to live without in.


We are from all we are and nothing we have.

A mother’s love cannot hold all that we feel.

Trying, arms bearing weight,

Cracking, shifting, bowing.


We are from memory the

scent of corn bread, roasted peanuts,

red velvet cake.

Ending a famine

ripe with river refugee’s mourning’s.


Funeral pyres, blessed eulogies,

heroic ashes ride winds waves,

awaiting descendants to do,

right things.

Speak right words,

activating actions.


We are from I love you like

cloudy sweet sugar water.

Sharecropper DNA,

tryna make gold on,

a dollar and a dream.


We are from pass it on,

Hold on tight, and let it go.

Bless their heart and mercy, mercy me.


We are from tears,

falling from Gods eyes.

Humans raining bodies,

beings fleshed of blood

living storms flooding life,

the dreamers most durable,

flesh covered seeds.


Annette Daniels Taylor

Annette Daniels Taylor is a Local Published Writer, Poet, Actress and Filmmakers you her on annettedanielstaylor.com

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