Rochester’s United Community Responds To Trumps Racism

Minister Franklin D. Florence Sr.

In Rochester on Saturday, February 17 a turnout of at least one thousand people met at the historic Central Church of Christ (101 S. Plymouth Ave. across the street fromthe Public Safety Building). Organizers were for a a planned march from the church to the downtown Liberty Pole. How did


this develop, and what is the purpose?
One of the community’s most distinguished elders, a local and national civil and human rights legend and icon, a man who some of us refer to as the sage, Minister Franklin D. Florence Sr. has called people together to

develop a united community response and demand for an apology regarding Donald Trump’s ongoing hateful, racist, rhetoric and policies, the latter of which are causing devastatingly-negative affects on the lives of millions
of poor people of color in particular, as well as poor people in general.

Minister Florence called us together a few weeks ago, on January 18th. We have continued to hold weekly strategy sessions at the historic FIGHT Village campus and housing complex each Thursday. Since the time of the initial meeting, which drew about 25 people, the numbers have more than tripled. During the initial meeting, Minister Florence noted that he didn’t necessarily have a “grand plan,” but said “the magic comes when you put people together who want to do the same thing for the same reason.” He also noted that he feels “it’s important for us here in Frederick Douglass City to have our voices out there with the rest of the nation. Our spiritual beliefs demands that we must stand against evil. In this case, not only should we stand together against hatred and racism, but we should demand an apology.

They also had a poster/placard/protest-sign-making activity held at FIGHT Village Community Room
186 Ward Street for people who wanted to create signs.

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