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PROFILE On Rita Elaine Fedrick by Goodness
Greetings dear readers and frequent audience members of “Open Mic in Black and White” … I’d like to personally thank you all your continuous support. My next featured guest is truly an Angel on Earth !!!!!!! So please put your hands together {clap} and help me welcome to the page (stage) author/videographer, custom apparel & more … Rita Fedrick of Toomanythings Productions.
Rita Elaine Fedrick born in Buffalo, New York to Ross and Mary Fedrick, June 4th, 1960 started was educated in Buffalo public schools. She faced a major life challenge in her early school years due to a speech impediment, stuttering, which made her a very quiet person and mostly a loner.
At age 19 Rita’s Father passed away and she made the decision to quit school in the 12th grade. But after her mother explained to her the wishes of her father, which was that all his children had a degree/diploma and finished school, she enrolled at Erie County Community Center and obtained her GED. After that she enrolled in the Secretarial Science program and proudly graduated. She then attended Barbizon School of Modeling because of her flair for Fashion.
She moved to California with her fiancé at the time and graduated from the Cabrillo School of Nursing. But none of Rita’s academic advancements fulfilled her real desire to take photos and put pictures together – to tell a story through video.
She eventually moved to Florida where most of her family members, who were entrepreneurs, resided .That inspired her to open Rita’s Video Studios . However shortly after her husband retired from the military they were separated.
Rita and her two Nephews joined Revealing Truth Ministry where she became one of the pastor’s video camera operators, while being certified to minister the gospel.
Rita Fedrick counts her greatest achievement as being a certified minister of the gospel and the birthing of “That’s Too Many Things,” the name of one of her companies. She’s written six Christian mystery books and currently launched her dream to open “Toomanythings Productions” where she produces videos for her books, and custom made apparel for her company and other creations like Black “Her-Story” Month Fashion Expo,(A “GOODNE$$” Presentation ) and for another local author/poets brand “Take A Solar Moment” (Janate Ingram), Solar The Community’s Daughter.
Rita’s Ultimate desire is to become a billionaire before age 60, not for her own profit or gain but to help others reach their desired destinies that God has put in them. She believes that no one man has ever been able to articulate all that Christ is, because nothing was made without Him, so if He can’t fix it, it won’t be fixed!
I strongly encourage you to go to any of Rita’s links … she is awesome at what she does. Her gift and skill sets are truly anointed !! To follow Rita and her works check her out on 

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