Byron Lockwood Nominated Police Commissioner

Mayor Byron Brown announced during his 2018 State of the city address last week that he had nominated Byron C. Lockwood police commissioner.

Mr. Lockwood’s appointment now goes to the Common Council for confirmation. Brown said in a Buffalo News report that while there were “any number” of senior officers who could be named commissioner, Lockwood “has a wealth of policing experience.” One of those “any number” is Deputy commissioner Kimberly L. Beaty. Shortly after Brown named Lockwood Interim Commissioner, a movement surfaced to encourage him to name Commissioner Beaty, a Black woman who is highly regarded in the community.

Mr. Brown also announced his Jefferson Avenue initiatives to include the opening of a Northwest Bank Branch on Jefferson Avenue, a financial education center and expansion of the JEFF-FREE WIFI – a free WI-FI service in the Jefferson Avenue business district to include points from East Ferry to Best streets.

He also announced that he will seek to have the Buffalo Police Department accredited by New York State.


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